Beware Of 'Christian Mingle' Dating Website

By David J. Stewart | May 2021

       I regrettably singed up for 'Christian Mingle' this year. Without any explanation they terminated my account, false accusing me of fraud. I live on Guam. I am legally single. I gave them all accurate information. Yet for no apparent reason they deleted my account. When I kindly contacted them, the company replied by saying that my profile was a “potential fraud.” The woman asked for a copy of my Guam driver's license. I sent her that and a photo copy of my U.S. passport. I kindly told her that terminating someone's account and falsely accusing them of fraud is no way to do things! I explained that if the company had simply requested verification in the first place, I would have gladly gave it to them. They didn't bother to respond (ticket reference number 72402785). Christian Mingle has some thugs working for them, who abuse people. RUN from this place!

I have one of the biggest Christian websites. I am a missionary. What bothers me is that Christian Mingle is guilty of bearing false witness against me without just cause. And then when I sent them the required identification, they still refused to reactivate my account. I did nothing to them. These people are punks! For whatever reason they just deleted my profile, falsely accusing me of fraud, and then didn't have the decency to make things right. I wouldn't recommend ChristianMingle to anyone.

So I went online and did some further research. Wow, what a phony company. Please go read the hundreds of complaints against Christian Mingle at Considers Affairs and the Better Business Bureau! They are horrible people! I am glad they rejected my account, to save me the pain of being deceived. Go read online about all the fake accounts at Christian Mingle, and how many of the photos are the same ones that appear at Plenty Of Fish. I agree with one woman who complains about Christian Mingle (it should be called, Christian Single), who said that she seriously doubts if they are even Christians. They sure don't behave like Christians!

Hey, I'll tell you what you do, go type “Christian Mingle rapist” on Google and prepare to be horrified! These are the type of people that Christian Mingle accepts, but they block an independent fundamental Baptist preacher like me. Go figure! If you want to meet a rapist, then go for it on Christian Mingle. You can mingle with rapists, wife beaters and thugs! That seems to be the type of males that Christian Mingle accepts. But if you're a decent guy with good Christian character, they terminate your account and don't tell you why. Good luck ladies finding a godly man in that cesspool of iniquity.

Hey, what's worse, Christian Mingle asks new members what type of Christian they're looking to meet (Mormons, Catholic, Lutheran, Church of Christ, Seventh-Day Adventist). NONE of those are true Christians!!! Mormons are not born-again Christians, they add water baptism to faith. They don't even have the right Jesus, denying His deity. Catholics add the accursed Seven Sacraments to faith, which cannot produce the new birth. Need I go on? So in fact, 95% of the people you are being matched with aren't even Christians!!! I specifically said I was a Baptist, and Christian Mingle bombarded me with every faith in their database. They were matching me with a bunch of unsaved religious people.

Furthermore, Christian Mingle asks their members how often they attend church, and one of the answers is only on special occasions. Huh? Do you really want to meet someone who occasionally attends church? What next, a homosexual option? These people who run Christian Mingle are not Christians! They are worldly people who don't care about anything except your MONEY HONEY! RUN from this place! Please don't take my word for it, search Google!!!

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